Be The Change!

Be the Change

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

What change, big or small, would I like my blog to create?

I guess just for myself, I would like to change how I document my life and what it is that I’m doing and how I feel and how I think as I am now, so when I am older I can come and look at this and see how I’ve changed as I’ve had new experiences, met more people and how my interactions will change (hopefully in more good ways than the opposite) with the people that I know and love. So that is one change I’d like to see, is the changes of myself.

As for a change in the world, well I like to think that I am a woman that wants to have peace in this world. A world that allows each of us to be who we truly are, a world where we can embrace our culture and where we come from and know our traditions and yet still be allowed to be modern and adapt to the world we live in now. I like change, and I like tradition, but I like balance. So I hope that we can find ways to create balance. So with this blog and sharing my thoughts and my ideas than I hope that I can add to the work that others are doing as well that is moving towards healthy change for all of us in all of our communities.

Of course as a Blackfoot woman, it is always on my mind to be working for my community and to find ways to make our community healthier, so I hope that I can be of help in that area with my blog.

Also, of course I didn’t follow my initial plan to write every day, the two days that I haven’t wrote, Jan. 2 and Jan. 3, I thought about writing, but I wasn’t around my laptop and don’t have enough room on my iPhone to add this app! So I will do that soon. But yes, I did realize I was missing those days and I did realize that I was already getting behind on my blogging!

I’m not sure I’m really blogging yet, but I’m enrolled in a course to start learning how to blog that starts tomorrow! so yay!

But just for my own records, on January 2nd, I had a great Friday night going out with my beautiful cousins, Shan, Neal and the birthday girl Andrea! we had so much fun, went to the slice and then sang songs all night! I have so much fun with them, we always have the greatest evenings together! 🙂

and January 3rd, we went shopping for a new TV and finally got a nice big TV, then we had a great meal at Song Thuan, our favourite Lethbridge Vietnamese restaurant! The wait staff was awesome! Such a difference it makes when you are being served with kindness and friendliness. Plus our food was great! so it was a good weekend!

Today my Mom and I went to church at St. Basil’s on the Northside. It is freeeeeeezing outside but we went out for church, I always get lots out of listening to the gospel, today we were reminded to bring God into our lives on a daily basis and not just for the one hour we are at church, I always like to be reminded, but I am also thankful that I am a spiritual person and believe fully that I am always with God and surrounded by the Grace of God always. So then the Father said that it isn’t enough to have faith, we need to help other’s see the love of God and to help other’s to believe and to help other’s on their way to God’s love. I hope that I am always an extension of God’s love, but I also believe in freedom, so if someone is in need of prayer, I will pray for them, but I also think that it is to everyone’s own free will to be on their own spiritual journey and I think God will be where they need to find them, so it’s kind of confusing for me to explain but I just feel like, I will do as I’ve been doing because I haven’t felt uncomfortable with my beliefs on any level so far. So that’s that for now! 🙂 I will write another post that is for Jan. 4/15. This was the challenge for Jan. 2. I didn’t see one for Jan. 3 maybe they take a day off lol

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