Who I am and Why I’m here

So I’m taking this blogging course to learn how to blog properly. I feel like this is a good opportunity for me to start writing a meaningful blog.

one of the questions was, why write a public blog over a private journal? I think it is interesting to write down your thoughts and to have others contribute to them in good healthy discussion. Also if my family were to read my blog it would be good, I don’t post too much on Facebook, but it would be nice to have ways to interact with them.

So who I am, well, I did write a bit about who I am on the about page, but nothing in great detail. I don’t really know what to write about to discuss who I am. I guess the first thought that came to mind is that I am a Blackfoot woman. I am from Kainai. Also known as the Blood Tribe. I grew up on the reserve and have almost always lived in Blackfoot territory, I lived for a few months in SK, but I was never a permanent resident, just there for a few months and then came back home, so I have almost always lived in the traditional territory of my People. Even when I lived in Calgary I was still living in Blackfoot country. I love it here, I think we live in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. I love to go for drives on Going To The Sun Road, located in Glacier National Park on the U.S. side of the border. As for other information about who I am, I am 33 years old, I am very close to my family. I have 3 younger sisters and one niece. My Mom and I have a great friendship and my Dad is also very dear to me, so we are a close family and I live for them. I also have a lot of family members from my Dad’s side and my Mom’s side, I have many cousins and I am thankful to be close to each of them. I also have my Grandma (Mom’s mom) and lots of Aunties and Uncles and extended family. Family is everything!

I am currently a university student at the U of L, I enjoy my program, Addictions Counselling. My long term goal is to become a Family Therapist. I don’t know exactly how I’ll get there, but I know that the program I am in now is going to help me get closer to that goal. it’s a great program and I love it so far. I enjoy the content and some of the Profs at the U are amazing! So much knowledge and opportunities to learn, it is quite exciting.

I get to do a practicum sometime in there so I will be working in a counselling setting and will be able to utilize the skills I am learning about now. School starts on Wednesday, Jan. 7, I could use another week off to feel fully rested and rejuvenated, but it is what it is and I know this will be a good semester!

Aside from school and my family, I love to spend time with my friends, I used to hang out with my friends a whole lot more, but now it is rare, but I have lots of great memories of my friends and I will try hang out with them more this year.

I love to take road trips and travel. I haven’t always had the money to travel far, but i have been able to see Halifax, NS, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, ONT, Toronto, ONT, lotsa SK, parts of BC and here in Alberta, I also seen Niagara Falls, which is beautiful and amazing. I seen all the western states, I love Las Vegas, it’s a great city. I also love Seattle and that whole area, it’s so beautiful and just a great place to drive around and see different stuff. Just this past year we went to Honolulu and seen lots of the island and got to enjoy the beautiful sights Honolulu has to offer! It was awesome. My plan is to do a whole lot of travelling in my life time, I am most interested in seeing Egypt, I just have to get there. I also want to see Marrakech, Morrocco, places in India and China and I want to see places in the Caribbean, so I hope I am blessed with the opportunity to see those places and wherever else I’m able to get to!

When it comes to other things I enjoy doing, I love to bead, if I was truly able to do anything I wanted, it would be to stay at home and bead in a perfectly set up crafting room for half the day and then be able to counsel and help people get through difficult life experiences for the other half of the day, so that’s the goal. I love to bead, I am not that great at it yet, bc I just took it up in the summer of 2013 and I’ve been crazy busy since that time, but I do love to bead and make other types of jewellery. So as I finish work I’ll post it on here.

So the most important part of my life above anything else is my niece Selah. She is my whole wide world and I love her with all of my being. She is 6 years old now, soon to be 7. She is so funny and maybe one day I’ll write more about her, but I am tired and I want to go to bed and I want to do a nice post about her sometime that isn’t done quickly! But she is everything.

So yeah, hanging out with Selah, going to school, working, hanging out with my family and friends, doing bead work, crafting and reading for fun and planning the next road trip is what I am basically about these days.

I am here because I want to write more about First Nations issues though, and I want it to be a good blog that is full of information but I also want to document my time and have a place to write out my thoughts over the year. So I guess that’s that for now! 🙂


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